Customized Furniture

My foray into customized furniture is relatively new; however, I am excited to do more of it! It is so rewarding to give a piece with good bones a reason to live again.
In the case of this dining set, I stripped and sanded and braced and bracketed the leafed table before laying down a hearty layer of gesso and beginning the oil painting process. Afterward, I applied then re-applied marine-grade resin and finished with more sanding and staining and sealing of the table legs and all the chairs.
I am happy to report that a year later, this baby is as sturdy and full of lustre as when I had just completed it. It is chopped on, colored at, gamed out and dinnered up all the time and it never, ever complains.
- - - - - - -
The Story:
As you can see in the before, this homely oak table and chair set had a dream.
Its dream was to glow.
I am so pleased with the outcome, and pleased that far from being just a pretty face, she's a workhorse and much-appreciated anchor of our day-to-day life.
In the details, you can see thousands of dabs of metallic oil paint. These were applied using skewers.
The distressed, dark finish is in stark contrast to the aspen top. I like how the tones balance each other out.
So, that's the story.
If you're interested in seeing one of your beloved pieces restored in this manner, let me know! Just give me a reason to start this type of project again!